If there's one thing I've learned about earth politics, it's that opposing parties are very different.

In coming to this conclusion, I examined the voting record of Senator Female Clinton. I chose her because her votes are usually in line with her fellow members of THE USA's Democratic Party, which opposes the country's Republican Party.

Four years ago, every Republican senator voted for something called the PATRIOT ACT. This act claimed that the Constitution had gone a little too far in protecting USA People from their government. Like all the Democratic senators except one (The Feingold from Wisconsin), Female Clinton also voted for this act. But now she is not sure it was the right thing to do.

In 2002, the Republicans drafted a resolution authorizing President Son of Bush to start an unnecessary war in Iraq. Female Clinton also voted in favor of this war. Since then, she has spoken out against the actions that she allowed the President to make.

Last week, most of the Republicans voted against an amendment that would prevent politicians from creating certain pork projects, which allocate money to a certain area in order to help its politicians get re-elected. One such project proposed a $223 million bridge to an island in Alaska where 50 people live*. If the amendment had passed, such money would have gone instead to rebuild bridges in Louisiana that were recently damaged by earth's mortal enemies: air and water.

Female Clinton voted against this amendment as well. But she was conflicted, because she also believes it is the government's responsibility to help people and protect them from immoral profiting. Last month, she criticized the President for not helping the Air and Water Victims in Louisiana. But because she may someday need a pork project to help her in an election, she felt she had no choice but to not help them, too.


Now you see how the Democrats are very different from the Republicans. On many issues, they both vote the same way, but Democrats do so reluctantly.

* - If I were one of those 50 people, I would say NO to the bridge and YES to my share of over $4,000,000! Then I could buy an airplane that's even faster than a car on a bridge. And I would still have enough left over for a shopping trip to IKEA--Swedish Meatball Lunch included.


At 10/26/2005 10:02 PM, Anonymous Subservient Pollution Monster said...

Sometimes, even when the Democrats won't vote with the Republicans, they try to align themselves with Republican views, trying to pander to everyone by taking both sides of an issue.

I'll continue using your example of Senator Clinton, because she is a fair representation of the Party. Regarding abortion, Clinton says it is "a sad, even tragic choice to many, many women." She says she wants abortion to be completely eliminated, but not criminalized.

Way to be mealymouthed, noncommittal, and to make nobody happy. "I'm completely against it. It needs to be totally eliminated. And now that I may have some power to stop it, I swear to you that I won't be the one to do it!"

Besides, it's not always true that abortion is "a sad, tragic choice" for women. If it was so tragic, then why would so many women choose it each year? The truth is, it's a decision that sometimes gives a woman a better chance at happiness than she would have if she decided to birth a child she didn't want--whether or not she raised it.

If you are against abortion because you believe it's a moral wrong, and you're willing to back your belief up with a vote, I can respect that--even while thinking you're wrong. But trying to have it both ways is such a wimpy thing to do.

Clinton is no better when it comes to gay marriage. She says she supports the Defense of Marriage Act, which states that marriage must be between members of the opposite sex. But she also claims that she would oppose an amendment that says basically the same thing.

Again, the official Democrat stance is that there is no official stance.

Get a spine, Democrats. I want to be proud that I voted for you!

At 10/28/2005 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that you brought up that "tragic" quote about abortion, SPM. There was a news story about the topic at Yahoo today.

Apparently, it's not so tragic after all. According to the article, a long-term study showed that women who choose to terminate unwanted pregnancies are far less likely to suffer depression than those who carry to term. Plus, the women who had abortions wound up doing better financially.

This might help destroy some of the stigma of abortion, particularly the myth that it's always a difficult decision that haunts the women who have the procedure. But I doubt it.


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